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Accommodation at the Student Hostel

Faculty of Agriculture


Kollegiumi_aula_1 Kollegiumi_aula

Reasonable prices, 24-hour booking

Reception is open all day and night

Accommodation available at any time all the year round

The Student Hostel of the University of Szeged, Faculty of Agriculture is situated in the centre of Hódmezővásárhely.

There is a car park and also the bus stop for local buses and distance coaches right next to the building.

It takes a few minutes to get here from the railway station.


You can choose from the following types of rooms:


Rooms from No. 101 to No.114 : 3 beds (bathroom and toilet on the corridor)

Price: 2 300 HUF + 100 HUF (tourist tax) /person /night

Elso_emeleti_szoba Elso_emeleti_kozos_furdo

Room No. 115: 5 beds

Price: 2 300 HUF + 100 HUF (tourist tax) /person /night

115 115_1

Room No. 117: 2 beds (shower and toilet, TV)

Price: 4 000 HUF + 100 HUF (tourist tax) /person /night

117_1 117


Room No. 118: 2 rooms with a common hall, 2+2 beds (TV, fridge, shower, toilet)

Price: 4 000 HUF + 100 HUF (tourist tax) /person /night

118_1 118_2


Room No. 119: 2 beds (wash basin, toilet)

Price: 3 500 HUF + 100 HUF (tourist tax) /person /night

119_1 119


Rooms No. 121-122-123: 2 beds each (wash basin)

Price: 3 000 HUF + 100 HUF (tourist tax) /person /night

121-122-123_1 121-122-123_2


Room No. 124: 4 beds

Price: 2 300 HUF + 100 HUF (tourist tax) /person /night



Rooms can be rented for longer periods as well. The hostel manager will provide details about the possibilities.

Second floor – Rooms for correspondence students and tourists

24 rooms with 3 beds each, common bathroom and toilet on the corridor


Price: 2 000 HUF + 100 HUF (tourist tax) /person /night


 Third and fourth floors – Tourist accommodation (between 15 July and 20 August)


48 rooms with 3 beds each, common bathroom and toilet on the corridor


Price: 2 000 HUF + 100 HUF ( tourist tax) /person /night


On the second, third and fourth floors there is a kitchen equipped with an electric cooker and microwave oven for the guests.


Attention! Every hotel guest must strictly observe the rules and safety precautions (fire safety, non-smoking rules etc.).


Special rooms to let

Ground floor parlor

A room equipped with a projector, suitable for further trainings (for about 40 persons)



Meeting room

Opens to the restaurant, suitable for school and family reunions, lectures and similar events for about 30 persons

Rendezveny_szoba_2 Rendezveny_szoba


UV Club

The club is suitable for organising class reunions, family events and similar occasions for about 40 persons

There is a sink with hot and cold running water and a toilet
UV_klub UV_1



Telephone: 36 62 532 990/180 or: 36 62 532 998

Kis Rozália, Tel.: 62/532-995, e-mail: kisr@mgk.u-szeged.hu

Address: 6800 Hódmezővásárhely, Petőfi utca 10-12.

Hostel manager: Szilágyi László

Telephone: 36 62 532-990/165

E-mail: szilagyi@mgk.u-szeged.hu


There is a self-service restaurant in the hostel offering a variety of preset multi-course meals or you can order a la carte, between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm on weekdays. When ordered and arranged in advance, guests can also have meals here at the week-ends.

(Telephone: 36 62/222-510, 36 30/276-3861 - Rostás Gyöngyi)


Full board can be arranged for group bookings!

Etterem_1 Etterem_2

Other services:

- Cooking and washing facilities on floors II.- III.- IV.

- Fully equipped gymnasium,

- Outdoor grounds with lights,

- Gymnasium (heated),

- Wi-Fi,

- Computer room,

- Closed car-park



- No tourist tax is charged for persons under the age of 18

- Accommodation is free for children under the age of 6


Accommodation in the hostel is especially suitable for large groups, students on school excursion or for sports clubs.

Meetings, family and school reunions, banquets can be organised in the hostel and also in the restaurant and special rooms.

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The exhibition room on the ground floor is suitable for organising conferences, workshops, further training courses and exhibitions as well. By request we can provide display panels and other installation facilities, such as a projector, a CD-DVD player, a projection-screen and amplifiers. It is also possible to order the entire digital recording of the event (both picture and sound). Individual renting construction can be established, please call the hostel manager.