Thesis topics

Prof. Dr. Makra László:

1. The history of ragweed in Hungary

2. Economic damage of weeds

3. Weed control – cost-benefit calculations

4. Relationship of meteorological elements to ragweed pollen concentration locally, regionally, continentally and globally

5. Transportation of ragweed pollen to Hungary

6. Health effects of ragweed pollen

7. Impact of climate change on agriculture

8. Global warming vs technological challenges in agriculture

9. The potential of European agriculture in a changing climate

10. Climate dependence of the competitiveness of agricultural

Dr. habil. Horváth József:

  1. Financial and economic analysis of agricultural firms
  2. Economic evaluation of agricultural resource management
  3. Enterprise budget analysis in plant cultivation, horticulture and animal husbandry
  4. Business planning in agriculture
  5. Optimization of competitiveness by controlling methods
  6. The role of logistics in profitable agriculture

Dr. habil. Komarek Levente:

1. Rural development in the European Union

Dr. Csiba Anita:

  1. Examination of the different processing methods efficiency for high-keratin-content slaughterhouse by-products
  2. Nutritional value of the different protein flours as a petfood components
  3. Effects of different processing methods for the nutritional value and ammonia emission of the pig slurry and poultry manure
  4. Examination of the different thawing solution's effects for the quality of deep frozen ram semen
Nagypál Virág:
  1. Water use in crop production
  2. Sustainable water use in dairy farms
  3. Water footprint in agriculture