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Staff members


Dr. MAJZINGER István, head of institute, associate professor

Telephone: 62/532-990/116

E-mail: mi@mgk.u-szeged.hu

Courses: Wildlife zoology and ethology, Forestry and wildlife management, Small game management, Ecology and wildlife biology, Wildlife management data collection, Big game management and trophy assessment


Prof. SZŰCSNÉ DR. PÉTER Judit, professor
Telephone: +36 62/532-990/122
E-mail: szucsne@mgk.u-szeged.hu
Courses: Animal nutrition, Feed management, Companion animal nutrition, Feed mix production


BENK Ákos, senior lecturer

Telephone: 62/532-990/202

E-mail: benkakos@mgk.u-szeged.hu

Courses: Basic studies in Agriculture I, Basic studies in Agriculture II, Pets, Animal production III, Ornamental pet breeding and keeping, Dove breeding and keeping


DR. BARTA Tamás, senior lecturer

Telephone: 62/532-990/147

E-mail: barta@mgk.u-szeged.hu

Courses: Shooting guns and ammunition, Wildlife management in the world, Habitat management and development, The ethics and organisation of hunting, Hunter dogs and their use, Wildlife management


MIKÓ JÓZSEFNÉ DR. JÓNÁS Edit, senior lecturer

Telephone: 62/532-990/156

E-mail: mikone@mgk.u-szeged.hu

Courses: Information Technology, Animal production II, Animal production III, Animal protection, Horse breeding, Computer controlled farming systems in animal production, Agricultural experiment planning and evaluation,

Literature research for writing thesis, Weekly practice


Dr. PINNYEY Szilárd, senior lecturer

Telephone: 62/532-990/202

E-mail: pinnyey@mgk.u-szeged.hu

Courses: Hoof-care, Wildlife health, Animal hygiene and animal health, , Microbiology, Reproduction, Pet health


Dr. BODNÁRNÉ DR. SKOBRÁK Erika, senior lecturer
Telephone: 62/532-990/128
E-mail: bodnarne@mgk.u-szeged.hu
Courses: Grassland management, Wild-field management and wildlife nutrition, Companion animal nutrition, Game breeding in farm conditions, Wildlife trade and hunting tourism


Dr. Kocsisné DR. GRÁFF Myrtill, senior lecturer

Telephone: 62/532-990/203

E-mail: graff@mgk.u-szeged.hu

Courses: Natural geography of the Carpathian Basin, General zoology, Anatomy and animal physiology


PAPPNÉ NAGYPÁL Judit, research assistant

Telephone: 62/532-990/103

E-mail: nagypalj@mgk.u-szeged.hu

Courses: Big game management and trophy assessment, Wildlife management and hunting, General law and hunting law, Wildlife management economy and planning

KISS Orsolya, assistant lecturer
Telephone: 62/532-990/130
E-mail: kiss.orsolya@mgk.u-szeged.hu

SÜLI Ágnes, research assistant
Telephone: +36 62/532-990/130
E-mail: suli@mgk.u-szeged.hu
Courses: Rural tourism, Companion animal nutrition


GAZOS Zoltánné, secretary

Telephone: +36 62/532-990/114

E-mail: gazosne@mgk.u-szeged.hu